Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble have also created the Minton Goes! series.

Minton Goes! series

Cars, trucks, boats, planes, submarines - Minton the salamander loves anything that moves, and he's always ready for action!

His friend Turtle is not so brave, but together they have wild adventures.

The Minton books are great for the younger brothers and sisters of Tashi fans – children of around 4 to 6. There are 2 stories in each book and full colour illustrations throughout.

For kids colour in Minton here
For all the family – build Minton's boat together, using everyday objects found around the house. Download the instructions here
For Teachers notes for using the Minton books with Grades 1 and 2 are available here.


The Minton Goes! Books

Minton Goes!Minton Goes!

One big book with all the Minton Goes! adventures, plus the story of Minton and the Hottest Boy who ever lived. Minton the spotty salamander loves things that move – and he finds just what he needs to make them. He's always keen for adventure, but his friend Turtle always worries that it will end in disaster. And you can make your own models of Minton's vehicles.

Minton Goes! Underwater & Home At Last Minton Goes! Underwater & Home At Last

Minton was going to make a submarine. He knew he could do it, and he was itching to make a start.
But his friend, Turtle, shook his head.
'Are you crazy?' he said. 'Travel under the water? Down to the slimy bottom?'
Find out what happens when Minton and Turtle explore the deepest ocean, and soar above the clouds. Then follow the instructions at the end of the book to make your own submarine or hot-air balloon.





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