The latest Tashi books are Tashi and the Wicked Magician, Once Tashi Met a Dragon, The Tashi Collection, The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi, Tashi and the Golem and The Amazing Tashi Activity Book.

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TashiTashi and the Wicked Magician

Come with Tashi and his friend Jack on four fabulous adventures of mystery and magic. In this classic storybook, Tashi tells tales of courage and daring, and each story features a beautiful colour illustration. There's a Magnificent Magician with a greedy plan, a haunted house about to go up in flames, ruthless ruffians after a rare orchid, and a quest for the bravest person in the land to face the fire-breathing Red Whiskered Dragon.

TashiOnce Tashi Met a Dragon

In this fabulous full-colour picture book, Tashi rides on a white tiger to the top of the mountain to see why the dragon is not sending the rains to his village. No one had ever seen the dragon, but once a year it would send smoke and thunder down the mountain, and soon the rains would follow. Now the skies were always blue, the creeks were drying up and the people were hungry. What was happening up there?

The Tashi CollectionThe Tashi Collection

The Complete Collection of the sixteen Tashi books in a gorgeous slipcase edition. There are two stories in each book - that makes thirty-two fabulous Tashi adventures! Tashi is a brave as he's clever, and he tells the best stories ever. This is a lovely gift and a must for every Tashi fan.


'Well, it was like this. Come and I'll tell you about the time I tricked the last dragon of all.' So says the daring hero, Tashi, in his first book of adventures.
In the first story in this book, Jack has a new friend called Tashi, who comes from a place very far away. Learn how Tashi excaped from a war lord and flew to this country on a swan.
In the second story, 'Dragon Breath', Tashi tells Jack about the time he tricked the last dragon of all.

Tashi and the GiantsTashi and the Giants

'Chintu took one of his giant steps over to our village...and roared, "Bring Tashi out to me!"'
In the first story in this book, Tashi encounters Chintu the giant, who is as big as a mountain.
In the second story, 'The Bandits', Tashi is kidnapped by robber bandits, who want him to be their son. Only someone as clever as Tashi could find a way to escape.

 Tashi and the GhostsTashi and the Ghosts

'Tashi could hardly breathe as more and more ghosts crowded around him.'
No one in the village is as brave as Tashi ... only he could scare the ghost monsters out of the forest.
In the second story in this book, 'The Mountain of White Tigers', bold Tashi goes all the way along the dark underground passage to the Mountain. Tashi always has a cunning plan.

 Tashi and the GenieTashi and the Genie

'The flying carpet bucked like a wild horse - trying to throw me off'
Jack is bursting to hear Tashi's fantastic stories about the sly genie and his three wishes.
And in the second story in this book, 'Tashi and the Stolen Children', Tashi comes face to face with the ferocious war lord again.

Tashi and the Baba YagaTashi and the Baba Yaga

'Baba Yaga reached over and pinched his arm. "You look a nice juicy boy..."'
A house on chicken legs? A witch who eats children? Jack's dad can't believe Tashi's wild story about Baba Yaga.
In the second story in this book, 'Gone!', the wicked Baron traps Tashi as a prisoner for the fearsome River Pirate.

 Tashi and the DemonsTashi and the Demons

'The demon's dagger teeth glinted. "I'm going to tie you up and tip these spiders over you"'
Spiders and snakes and rats? The slippery demons are going to make Tashi talk...
In the second story in this book, 'The Bell', there's more trouble for Tashi when the fierce River Pirate returns without a warning. Tashi's life is one big adventure.

Tashi and the Big StinkerTashi and the Big Stinker

'The giant just lifted the roof off, scooped up a pig and gobbled it down.'
Chintu the giant's Only Brother will eat everything in the village unless Tashi can stop him.
In the second story in this book, 'The Magic Flute',  things go terribly wrong when a stranger appears with a magic flute. Tashi acts fast in the face of trouble!

Tashi and the Dancing ShoesTashi and the Dancing Shoes

'The crowd gasped in amazement. "Look at those shoes! Look at him fly!"'
Jack's Uncle Joe loves to tell stories, and so does Tashi - like the one about the magic shoes and Uncle Tiki Pu's sneaky plan.
In the second story in this book, 'The Fortune Teller', find out what Tashi did when the fortune teller, Luk Ahed, said that his tenth birthday would be his last. There's no stopping Tashi.

Tashi and the Haunted HouseTashi and the Haunted House

'Don't go near the ghost house. Who knows what is prowling around in there!'
There's a light in the window of the haunted house, and Tashi is going in...
In the second story in this book, 'The Big Race', Tashi's brave, but is he fast enough to beat two mysterious strangers in a race around the village? And what will happen if he loses? No one has adventures like Tashi.

Tashi and the Royal TombTashi and the Royal Tomb

'Everything around me went still...the warrior's eyes were following me'
Spooky things happen when an ancient burial site is discovered in the village and Tashi is nearly buried alive!
Then in the second story in this book, 'The Book of Spells', a precious book disappears and the villagers won't be safe until Tashi finds it. Where there's mystery and action, there's Tashi!

Tashi Lost in the CityTashi Lost in the City

'I raced up and down the street looking in doorways and behind stalls. But there was no Grandma.'
Tashi always has big adventures, like the time he's lost in the city and has to escape from a mean man with a glass eye and a silver dagger.
Then, in the second story in this book - 'On the Way Home' - Tashi and Grandma are kidnapped by brigands called Fearless and Ferocious. Clever Tashi always knows what to do - stay calm, think hard and move fast.

Tashi and the Forbidden RoomTashi and the Forbidden Room

'We arrived at the tower at the top of the castle. The door was locked. "We can't go into that room," said Ho Hum. "Not ever.'"
Tashi tells Jack about his scariest adventure ever, when the mysterious stranger Bluebeard moved into the old castle. Nobody knew what a monster he was.
In the second story in this book, 'The Three Tasks', the wicked Baron's prize peacock goes missing and his poor dog Pongo will be killed unless Tashi can complete three impossible tasks. When the going gets this tough, it's all up to Tashi!

Tashi and the Stolen BusTashi and the Stolen Bus

'The demons are crazy for buses!' said Can-Du.  And when I wouldn't hand this one over, they kidnapped my son.'
What will Tashi do when the demons sneak onto the new bus going to market? How will he find Little Can-Du?
In the second story in this book, 'The Mysterious Thief', things are disappearing from the village, and it's up to Tashi to catch a thief red-handed. See how scared and brave our Tashi can be - and what exciting stories he has to tell.

Tashi and the Mixed-Up MonsterTashi and the Mixed-Up Monster

'Run, children,' said Wise-as-an-Owl. No, hide!'
Much-to-learn has got it wrong again - he's magicked up a hideous monster that's bursting out of the garden workshop. And it's coming Tashi's way!
In the second story in this book, 'Guilty or Not?', everyone believes that Tashi killed Soh Meen's golden carp. The only way Tashi can clear his name is to find the real culprit. But how?

Tashi and the PhoenixTashi and the Phoenix

"We Phoenix are not born to be some Warlord's plaything. We must be free to soar the heavens."
Tricky Uncle Tiki Pu has put Tashi's family at risk by boasting to the Warlord that he has captured the most dazzling creature in the world. And now the Warlord wants to see it, or else.
In the second story in this book, Princess Sarashina has sent a letter to Tashi because her sister must marry the cruel and sneaky Khan. Can Tashi make the Emperor see what Khan is planning?
It takes more than courage to deal with Warlords and Emperors, but Tashi always has a clever idea and something useful in his pocket.

Tashi and the GolemTashi and the Golem

The Baron's nephew Bang-Bang is going to take over Wise-as-an-Owl's fresh water spring, which he uses for his medicines, so Tashi and his friends use clay and magic to make a golem who will give the bully Bang-Bang a good scare. But will their great big Golem obey them? And can Tashi rescue Ah Chu's Little Sister when Bang Bang's trouble-making brother gives her away to the River Pirate? Sometimes there’s no time to think - Tashi just has to act fast!

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The Big, Big, Big Book of TashiThe Big, Big, Big Book of Tashi

Tashi's too cunning for the war lord and the wicked baron, and far too clever for giants, ghosts, witches and demons.
This book contains all the stories from Tashi, Tashi and the Giant, Tashi and the Ghosts, Tashi and the Genie, Tashi and the Baba Yaga, Tashi and the Demons and Tashi and the Big Stinker. All in one big, big, big volume!

The 2nd Big, Big Book of TashiThe 2nd Big, Big Book of Tashi

A haunted house, sneaky strangers, ancient warriors, fearless kidnappers, and Tashi's scariest adventure ever...
This book contains all the stories from Tashi and the Dancing Shoes, Tashi and the Royal Tomb, Tashi and the Haunted House, Tashi Lost in the City and Tashi and the Forbidden Room. All in one big volume!

The Great Big Enormous Book of TashiThe Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi

Tashi comes from a place very far away. He escaped from a war lord and flew to this country on the back of a swan. He's as brave as he's clever, and he tells the best stories ever!

Now all his stories are rolled into one enormous book. That's thirty-two daredevil adventures!

There Once was a Boy Called TashiThere Once was a Boy Called Tashi

This full-colour picture book is a perfect introduction to the world of Tashi – for everyone who loves Tashi and those meeting him for the first time.
When an ogre tramples into the village, the Magic Warning Bell screams out and the people all hurry into their houses. Only Tashi is brave enough to face Gloomin. He must find what the ogre is looking for, or else the village will have years of the Gloomin winter.


Amazing Tashi Activity BookThe Amazing Tashi Activity Book

An amazing full-colour activity book about everyone's favourite adventuring hero Tashi!

Play the board game, make a dragon, a boat, a pop-up tiger card and a diorama. Do puzzles, a maze, learn how to draw Tashi and then read a brand new Tashi adventure story.

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