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The Tashi books are constantly being recognised in awards ranging from children's choice awards (REAL, COOL, KOALA, YABBA) to Children's Book Council Awards, Aurealis fantasy Awards, Speech Pathology language development awards, Australian Book Industry Awards and more.

Kids review Tashi

'Sometimes I read by myself, and sometimes Mummy reads to me. What I like about the Tashi books is the clever things that Tashi does.' – Jessica, aged 6

'I have been reading Tashi books for 4 years now.  I like Tashi and the Royal Tomb because it is about ancient Egypt which is one of my favourite subjects.  I think it is a great book and really liked the pictures. I particularly like adventure stories and Tashi is always on an adventure somewhere in the world or in his imagination, just like me.' – Samuel, aged 9

'They are good stories. They’re fun. I like all of the pictures … I think Tashi is clever. None of the baddies scare me because Tashi will fix things.' – Daniel, aged 4

'There are good pictures. They are interesting.' – Myles, aged 8

'Tashi and the Demons has lots of funny bits and lots of bad monsters in it … [Tashi is] brave and he tells so many stories … I like the Tashi books because they have so much personality.' – Jamie, aged 6

'I like the Tashi books because they are creative and magical. [My favourite character is] Tashi, because he's adventurous, brave and happy.' – Bronte, aged 10

'Better than skipping or playing your favourite game!...full of exhilarating and exciting fun.' - Helen, aged 7, YARA reader review page.

'It was a good book and I loved Tashi and his funny hair...I think both boys and girls would like this story.' - Lucinda, 5, South Coast Register

Adults review Tashi

Here at Allen & Unwin we're proud to have files fairly groaning with reviews of the Tashi books. We can't possibly share them all with you, so the following is just a selection.

'I read my kids Tashi - it's this story that they love.'– Angelina Jolie

'The Tashi stories are some of my all-time favourites: a world within a world and a magical place for children to lose themselves in.' – Sally Rippin, bestselling author of Polly and Buster and Billie B. Brown

'Rush to your nearest bookshop or library and get acquainted …the stories are always exciting and funny and a perfect length for a young reader' – Sydney's Child

'I just can't get enough of Tashi, and neither can any of the students at my school!' – Fiona Deppeler, Balgowlah Heights Public School

'Anna Feinberg's stories, illustrated by Kim Gamble, light the imagination of all the children I know.' - Weekend Australian

'All children should meet Tashi. He can be their mentor on the road to reading, feeding their imaginations with fantastic stories.  The Tashi stories have the evergreen qualities of classics.' - Joan Zahnleiter, Magpies

'Energetic and well-paced, the 13th book penned by the mother and daughter team is another winner. Gamble's illustrations are consistently entertaining and give the book added dimension.' – Sunday Age

'Mystical and mythical Asian Panoramas make for a glorious backdrop to this entertaining tale of a much loved hero.' - The Dominion Post Weekend

'A lovely read for any age.' – New Idea

‘This is one fabulous book. Kim Gamble’s illustrations are simply luscious and are the perfect foil to the Fienberg’s delightful tale. You simply must introduce your children to Tashi’s world of magic and innocence.’ - Gladstone Observer





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