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Party Games and Hints

You can have lots of fun planning a Tashi party or celebration at home or at school.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


Draw pictures of Tashi and pin them up around the room.
Decorate the room with streamers or balloons the same colour as Tashi's clothes: red, yellow and black
Hang gold or silver stars from the ceiling
Throw a big colourful rug on the floor with lots of cushions
Scatter chocolate coins on the table


Escape from the Wicked Baron

Tashi has to cross the river to escape from the Wicked Baron - but all he has are two gold nuggets – how can he do it?
The children must cross the ‘river’ (use a rug or simply mark out a distance on the floor) stepping only on the ‘gold nuggets’ (each child is given two sheets of yellow paper) so they don’t fall in. The player steps on one of the sheets with both feet and then places the other in front to step on. Each child keeps relaying the ‘gold nuggets’ as fast as they can to reach the other side without their feet ever touching the floor. The child who crosses the ‘river’ first is the winner.

Cheer up Gloomin

Gloomin’s bad moods are stopping the sun from shining and Tashi’s village needs rescuing - can you help?
Select one child to be the ogre, Gloomin. That child's job is to keep a sad, grumpy face for as long as possible. The other children take it in turns to make Gloomin smile or laugh by making funny faces, dancing, acting silly - whatever inspires them! Whoever breaks Gloomin’s bad mood has a go at being the next Gloomin.

What's the Time Baba Yaga?

We all know Baba Yaga the witch loves to eat children – will she eat you?
One child is chosen to be Baba Yaga and stands with their back turned at a distance from the others. The children call out, "What’s the time Baba Yaga?" and Baba Yaga shouts out a time eg. 3 o'clock. The children then take 3 steps forward. When the children get close, and yell “What’s the time Baba Yaga?”, Baba Yaga yells “DINNER TIME" and runs after the children who are running back to the start line. If anyone is caught they become Baba Yaga.

Sneaky Ghosts

Tashi knows one way to scare ghosts is to make noise – can you keep the ghosts away?
One child is blindfolded and stands in the middle of the circle. The other children are the ghosts and they have to sneak up to touch the blindfolded child without making any noise. If the blindfolded child hears a noise, they yell out ‘ghost’ and point in the direction of the noise. All the ghosts must then flee back to the edge of the circle and try again.

Capture the Bandits

The bandits are up to no good – can you catch them?
Two teams of bandits take part in this game. One child is chosen from each team to ‘tie-up’ the bandits as quickly as possible to stop them escaping. Use a spoon with a long piece of string or wool tied to it. The children are tied to each other by threading the spoon through belts, straps or loops on their clothes. The first team of bandits that is joined together wins.

Luk Ahed Says

Did you know that Luk Ahed can tell what is going to happen in the future?
An adult is Luk Ahed and stands in front of the children. When the adult says "Luk Ahed says you will from the war lord", "climb the Dragon’s Blood Tree", "smell the big stinker", "ring the warning bell" etc and makes the appropriate action, the children must copy the action. When the adult mimics an action without saying "Luk Ahed says" first, any child who copies is out. The last child left is the winner.

The Magic Flute

Did you know that the music from a magic flute will make the village children follow?
All the children move around while the music is playing. When the music stops, the children have to sit down as quickly as possible. The last child to sit down is out. Continue the music until you have a winner.

Chintu and the Boulders

Chintu the giant can carry and roll boulders like bowling balls – can you?
Paint or decorate some empty plastic drink bottles to look like trees or houses and place them in a group on the floor. Mark a throwing line on the floor with chalk or tape. Each child can then take turns to roll a boulder (tennis ball) and see how many bottles can be knocked over. The child with the highest score is the winner.

Alternatively, each child must cover a certain marked distance jumping with a boulder (tennis ball or small block) between their knees. If the boulder falls down, the child places it between their knees again and continues to jump. The child who covers the distance in the shortest time is the winner.

Find the Way Out of the Dragon's Blood Tree

The Dragon’s Blood Tree is a maze of branches – can you help Tashi find the way out?
The children stand in a circle facing inward. To begin, everyone extends his or her right-hand into the ring and takes a hold of someone else's hand. Then, they do the same with their left-hands. The object of the game is to see if they can ‘untangle’ the ‘tangle’ by ducking under people, stepping over them or turning around. No matter what happens, they can't let go of hands





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